Public Information Videos, With an Artistic Vibe
Contracting With Us.

Compelling, resonating video products, on-time, and at-budget.

OKRaptor Productions combines Charlie’s unique ability to extract simplicity from the complex, and Greg’s unique ability to artistically transfer informational chaos from spreadsheet to screen, resulting in effective, creative, and affordable informational videos for savvy governmental officials looking to truly connect, touch, and impart important information into the minds of taxpayers and ratepayers.

Charlie Fleetham (www.projectinnovations.com) and Greg DeLiso (www.munroviapictures.com) have teamed up to create OKRaptor Productions, a new video production company that serves government agencies and the companies that serve them.

OKRaptor Productions will deliver videos with an artistic vibe filled with critical facts, figures, and process information. Their videos translate "gobbledygook" into persuasive communication to ratepayers and taxpayers at an affordable price point.

To put it another way, OKRaptor creates short, coherent, and comprehendible aimed at taxpayers and ratepayers that explain complex governmental and/or organizational processes in simple, educational, and memorable ways.

From the spreadsheet to the silver screen, we change perceptions about what you are doing!

Who We Serve

Water Districts

wastewater utilities

School Districts

Local governments

private businesses


What We Do.

From the spreadsheet to the screen

We present complicated ideas, procedures, or spreadsheets with unique insight and clarity...providing more comprehendible, more intelligible, and more enjoyable video stories


We translate complex information into easy to understand and digestible concepts for ratepayers and taxpayers.


We organize processes in simple, educational, and memorable ways which change the viewers’ perception as to what the governmental agency is doing.


We create visual content that viewers can consume anywhere and on any device.


We create videos that impart important information to the viewer by easing the complexity of any subject.


Gather support for regulations, ordinances, processes, rates and billing information, programs, and funding decisions.


We make sure that your audience understands your message.
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